Welcome back!

Finally enjoying ’t Wycker Cabinet again. Our bistro bar is daily open.

Monday to Thursday 10 a.m. – 1 a.m.*.
Friday 10 a.m.- 2.45 a.m.*
Saturday 9 a.m. – 2.45 a.m.*.
Sunday 10 a.m. – 1

From Monday to Thursday we can reserve a limited number of places for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Mail to

Reservations are not possible from Friday to Sunday and are often not necessary. We have someone at the door who will receive you and will immediately arrange a table. Worst case, wait at the bar.

* Kitchen closes at 22.00.


( from 9/10 a.m. – 11.30 p.m. )


If you order the most important meal of the day in our bistro you will make sure you have enough power for the whole day.


Want to go shopping in Maastricht? Or plan an inspiring early work session? We serve a breakfast for everyone.

Oh and not to forget our fresh brewed coffee and thee and everyday fresh pastry from Bakery Hermans from Maastricht. Enjoy!


( from 9/10 a.m. – 4 p.m. )


‘t Wycker Cabinet pays a lot of attention to her menu. We use mostly regional products that will make our seasonal dishes taste even better.


We try to take the wishes of our guests into account and serve several vegetarian and gluten free dishes. Our kitchen can also adjust a meal in case of any allergies. Check our clackboards for varying lunch-specials.


( from 4 p.m. – 10 p.m. )


Start your Apéro every day with delicious antipasti, like homemade calamari, various crostini, charcuterie, various Flammkuchen, fresh oysters and more.


Combine your antipasti with a glass of wine, Gin & Tonic (also alcohol-free), Contratto Spritz, (local) draft beer or more.


( from 5 p.m. – 10 p.m. )

‘t Wycker Cabinet values taste and quality and therefore our chefs are proud to serve you the dishes on our menu. Especially the classic Bistrot dishes from the French kitchen are made with a lot of pleasure, for example fresh oysters, steak tartare or petit bouillabaisse.


Besides our usual selection we also offer weekly specials made with daily fresh regional products from local suppliers. This way we can offer you tasty seasonal dishes, classically prepared with love for good food.


The time has come, we can finally reveal what we are going to do with our space in the Wyckergrachtstraat.

What used to be Cooking Studio a la Carte, then became our preparation kitchen and would later be used to receive groups, groups that we often couldn’t place in ’t Wycker Cabinet due to the crowds, but we dropped this idea.

There is now going to be a great collaboration between Gilbert von Berg, chef de cuisine at Chateau Neercanne and Sander Verhoeven, owner of ’t Wycker Cabinet.

The former cooking studio is currently undergoing a metamorphosis and in the short term cooking will be done at a very high level here, with a contemporary concept and in its own characteristic atmosphere, as can be found in ’t Wycker Cabinet.

The two gentlemen, who are also cousins ​​and have therefore been familiar with each other’s qualities and ambitions for years, are joining forces and will soon roll out a beautiful, surprising and refreshing fine-dining concept at Wyckergrachtstraat 24, which for Maastricht and certainly the Wyck district, will become an enrichment.

We are looking forward to it, see you soon, as soon as we can.

Sander Verhoeven & Gilbert von Berg.

📸 @studio_laroche

Artisanal & Burgundian


‘t Wycker Cabinet shows a golden combination; the authentic Burgundian vibe of Maastricht and the cosy ambiance of this classic but simple French bistro, with a wink to the Mediterranean and the here and now.


For breakfast, lunch, apéro, diner or a drink; ‘t Wycker Cabinet is your place to be. Our kitchen serves good quality for a reasonable price and all dishes are prepared with care with fresh products from local suppliers. The ambiance and service ensure you definitely will return to ‘t Wycker Cabinet.